The AmpCoil

The AmpCoil device is a sound tech transformation tool that empowers people to be stewards of their own health. 

AN ALL-IN-ONE WELLNESS SYSTEM FOR HOME USE–Aligned with the principles of nature, AmpCoil, powered by the BetterGuide app, is the only system that merges PEMF, biofeedback, bioresonance, Tesla and sound technology into an all-in-one wellness system for home use. 

The AmpCoil is a safe, non-invasive, Tesla-based PEMF delivery system that incorporates customized biofeedback to improve outcomes and accelerate wellness. Designed for home use, the AmpCoil allows those experiencing Lyme and chronic autoimmune disease to benefit from the consistency, and resulting efficacy, of daily use.

AmpCoil incorporates a voice-guided biofeedback system that analyzes the tonal qualities of your voice using extensive mathematical algorithms. Personalized results provide optimum suggestions for each session, allowing the results to be incorporated into supportive programs that deliver customized tonal frequencies through a powerful PEMF delivery system that is able to move deeply into and through the cells of the human body.

A HEALTH CRISIS MOTIVATES INVENTION–Having traveled the world seeking a solution to their family's decade long challenge with life-threatening chronic Lyme Disease, with little to no improvements, Aaron and Geneva Bigelow ultimately found that necessity is the truly the mother of invention. Visionaries and entrepreneurs with a combined 30 years of experience at the executive level in the holistic health technology industry, the Bigelows assembled a forward-thinking team to create the AmpCoil. 

THEIR HEALING INSPIRED A MISSION TO HELP OTHERS–From Lyme to wellness, their profound transformation has inspired a mission, based on the pay it forward principle, to help others rise above the current pandemic of Lyme and autoimmune conditions. The Bigelow’s live in Nevada City, California with their two daughters, while their AmpCoil family expands throughout North America and 10 countries around the world.

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