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You can apply to join the unofficial AmpCoil Discussion Group on Facebook. This growing community, which has 1,700+ members, is dedicated to discussing the AmpCoil and in being supportive to those who want to learn, share and heal.

Group Guidelines


  1. Owners and Ambassadors, please do not PM members or encourage them to contact you. This is to avoid people soliciting new members with a view to making referral fees. New members, If you develop a relationship and want to purchase through a group member, feel free to PM them.
  2. Please be transparent about the referral fees for a) introducing someone to the Ampcoil and b) doing a demonstration.
  3. This group is not responsible for the outcome of any decision to purchase a pre-used Ampcoil from another member. Please call Ampcoil to verify the authenticity of the seller and for any logistical arrangements about warranties or the transfer of the tablet into your name.
  4. No personal fundraising or advertising of your business/products please. This group contains many practitioners/coaches etc and if everyone promotes themselves it changes the nature of the group from support to sales.
  5. We don’t give medical advice and members are entirely responsible for their own health decisions.
  6. please do not post political or religious messages.
  7. Any posts that are provocative, disrespectful or rude will be deleted and the person posting will be contacted and possibly removed from the group.

Happy healing.....

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