Lyme to Wellness Program

The Wellness for Humanity Foundation team of medical and scientific professionals has worked to identify technologies that are most beneficial to those suffering from Lyme and has identified the AmpCoil as one of the most effective.  The initial data they have found from the use of the AmpCoil is very promising. 

WHF is a nonprofit with a mission to restoring hope through evidence-based solutions. They have AmpCoil healing devices all over the country and donations to WHF supports their programs that help underserved populations benefit from effective technologies easily and at no cost to the individuals who are most in need. 




Lyme disease and other inflammatory diseases are tick-borne illnesses. Research indicates there also may be evidence of transmission from mother to child and between partners. Patients suffer from fatigue, joint pain, headaches, muscle weakness, vision and hearing loss, cognitive decline and neuropsychiatric symptoms. The CDC estimates there are 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year plus many unreported cases.

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If you have Lyme disease, then you know how serious this condition can be. If you have a loved one suffering, then you may want to know the enormity of the impact of tick-borne illnesses on the individual and on society.

The impact of Lyme disease on US recreation is $2.8–$5 billion annually.

The impact of Lyme disease on the US economy due to direct medical costs, indirect medical costs, lost income, lost taxes, and related disease costs is calculated to exceed $3.5 billion annually.

Lyme patients rate their quality of life as being poorer than those with congestive heart failure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Many Lyme patients remain chronically ill after receiving antibiotic treatment, and many cases remain undiagnosed. Chronic Autoimmune Disease develops when the immune system, which defends the body against disease, decides that healthy cells are foreign. As a result the immune system attacks healthy cells, often resulting in long term debilitating chronic illness. Lyme and Chronic Autoimmune disease can be devastating to both the individual, and the family.

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