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I am fully and 100% dedicated to make sure that those who cross my path in the future will experience hope and healing so that they too can continue to share their gifts with the world.–Brian Devlin


Happy New Year to Everyone Here!

from Brian Devlin / January 1, 2019

originally posted on the AmpCoil Unofficial Discussion Group on Facebook

My prayer and wish for you this year is that you experience profound healing both spiritually and physically.

Four years ago I was in the prime of my life. I had just opened my fourth wellness center, authored a bestselling book, bought a new home, become a new dad, and started a new company.

I was at the gym working out and noticed a strange pain in my kidneys, shortly afterward I would wake at 2:00 a.m. unable to breath. Day and night I had bouts of becoming so light headed that I lost my balance,

Fast forward a few weeks and multiple Emergency Room (ER) trips my entire body was either numb or my skin was burning almost 24/7.

I couldn't think to save my life.

My memory disappeared completely. I was overcome with horrible catastrophic thoughts. Everything became foreign to me. My own face seemed fake.

Then the 24/7 bladder pain came. Followed by extreme panic attacks. Waking at 2:00 am covered in cold sweat with my heart pounding out of my chest and no sense of time or space.

It was as if God himself was throwing every symptom or condition he could dream up at me.

This went on for years and everyone including my family questioned my sanity and my rationality.

My spirit was crushed. I no longer prayed. I lost all hope for the future. During this time I also lost a few close friends to cancer.

Young people taken too early. I was sure this would also be my fate.

Doctor after doctor and test after test slowly ate my $70,000 profit on the sale of a previous home to zero. All I had left was my Roth IRA.

Unable to leave the house I was forced to sell the wellness center I had just worked so hard to open.

Finally after chasing MS, metals, mold, infectious disease, and other dead ends I was diagnosed with Lyme.

I found a great Lyme doc who got me back on my feet with aggressive antibiotics, antifungals, Cortef, and bioidentical hormones plus a myriad of supplements.

With all this I was only able to heal 50% and the antibiotics (AbX) eventually destroyed my gut.

Then I found AmpCoil……..

I also found an amazing woman in the UK who not only cured herself from Lyme but also overcame extensive heavy metal poisoning.

Her guidance has been incredible. As a veteran and traveler I have been exposed to dozens of vaccines and I am FULL of metals.

Clare has been a Godsend in this department. Truly an angel on earth.

I also reconnected with a friend from my days in Charleston where I started in fitness. He is an encyclopedia of functional medicine and was able to simplify complex stuff for me. The guy is ahead of his time! He can reverse engineer your condition and find root causes.

Through all this the Amp Coil kept popping up on my radar over and over again, I was able to procure use of one for 60 days.

The change was gradual but steady.

I bit the bullet and went all in on my own device last month.

I have been coiling for just over three months and I have been in the health and wellness space for almost 20 years.

The AmpCoil is nothing short of STAR TREK TECHNOLOGY and I am so grateful to have found it.

Two days ago I worked out for almost two hours and climbed a local mountain with my family.

I was unable to even think about walking on a treadmill let alone climbing a steep mountain just five months ago. If I did I would suffer for weeks after.

I am off ALL medication and my body has been eliminating stuff I never knew existed.

For the first time in four long years I am CERTAIN I will beat this illness and regain my life.

I am also fully and 100% dedicated to make sure that those who cross my path in the future will experience hope and healing so that they too can continue to share their gifts with the world.

I have always been spiritual but have sorta lacked empathy and compassion for others.

I was sorta a hard ass who would tell you to figure it out suck it up and keep going.

Maybe it was my military training or being a fitness instructor that made me lose sight of people's struggles and lose compassion for people but these last four years have changed me in a way I believe to be permanent.

If you are on the fence about AmpCoil I want to encourage you that this year will be your year if you go all in and become determined again.

Ask God or the universe to show you your blind spots and don't be afraid to ask for help from others including me.

I hope you find health this year and I know you will if you don't give up.

The answers, the tools, and the people are out there and often the answers are inside you just seek, listen and never ever give up 

Happy 2019 to you. Here's to your profound healing my friends!

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